Gaslight District

Identity, featured

The assignment that led to the creation of the Gaslight District was to create a company and design a standards manual detailing the logo usage, application examples, and so forth. I had recently found a great collection of victorian period merchendise and decided on the Gaslight District, a victorian inspired haberdashery. The Gaslight District features both authentic recreations of Victorian menswear and modern interpretations of Victorian style. The shop features items such as silk hats, vests, cuff links and pocket watches in addition to dress shirts and other formalwear.

The logo was the first thing I created. I was inspired by heraldry, and wanted to do something similar but with a twist. The mark uses traditional elements like the top hat and monocle in a humorous way, giving them the contemporary feel that I felt the company should reflect. The wordmark was based on popular typography styles of the time period.

A large portion of the project was creating products for the company, and showing how the logo would be applied. I created several mockups for clothing, accessories and packaging. The company needed distinct business cards depending on position, which utilized a color system that is repeated in the letterhead. The envelopes and shipping labels are meant to be filled out by hand, lending a personal and old timey touch to the items.

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