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Writing —

Writings on the design process

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The imagery here is from a sketch I created to play with an in-development typeface (the same one you’ll see on the homepage of this site), and though the impetus for creating it was simply to get a feel for a new font, I think there’s lessons to be learned from even these frivolous design exercises.

( B )

The cycle of observation, creation and retrospection in design is a topic I’d love to see more discourse on in the design community, and I’m trying to get better at it myself.

( C )

I’ll keep an inventory of my exploratory case studies below:

Learning through writing

I’ve taken up the practice of writing in-depth case studies of the self-initiated visual explorations I make to fill my time. I try to honestly frame my motivations for making the piece, whether it’s playing with a new typeface, riffing off someone else’s work, or simply wanting to explore a subject matter through design.

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Even if the results are inconsequential, I’ve found it to be helpful to talk through the sequence of decisions that led to the final design. Why elements moved around, why typefaces were chosen, and what historic examples I’m referencing. So few people write about the actual process of designing—the thinking that leads to results—and I’ve been practicing writing in this way in part to see if forcing myself to do it is beneficial to others.