The Eephus League


Visit the Eephus League Magazine!
The Eephus League of Baseball Minutiae is my senior project. The name is referencing the infamous “Eephus” pitch, an incredible slow pitch designed to throw off the timing of a hitter. The backbone of the project is the Eephus League website, a community driven blog where baseball fans can upload photos, share stories and view information about all of the miscellanea and… Read the rest

End Grain


EndGrain is a Wood Type and Letterpress blog and aggregator created from wordpress that houses images, writings and discussion about letterpress printing and wood type. I began collecting wood type in my sophomore year at Auburn, and have steadily added to the collection ever since. ndGrain is a Wood Type and Letterpress blog and aggregator created from wordpress that houses images, writings and discussion about letterpress printing and… Read the rest

Gaslight District

Identity, featured

The assignment that led to the creation of the Gaslight District was to create a company and design a standards manual detailing the logo usage, application examples, and so forth. I had recently found a great collection of victorian period merchendise and decided on the Gaslight District, a victorian inspired haberdashery. The Gaslight District features both authentic recreations of Victorian menswear and modern interpretations of Victorian style. The shop… Read the rest

A Minor League Season

Identity, Website

I had the pleasure of working with Matt LaWell and his wife Carolyn on their A Minor League season project. They are traveling across the country and visiting all the Minor League baseball ballparks and telling stories, taking photos, and celebrating the unique experiences available at each location.
I designed a logo and the front end design for A Minor League season. The project needed to be clean,… Read the rest

Baltimore Sun Front Page


This is a hypothetical front page redesign for the Baltimore Sun. I wanted to give it a classic, elegant look and paid special care to the typography.



This poster was made during a weekend workshop with Rick Valicenti, founder of Thrist. The assignment was to choose a word or phrase that summed up our current generation.



My first assignment at MICA was to create a design “alter ego” to flesh out through a biodiagram. My alternate persona is Hezikiah Vanderbilt (he’s a bit of a dandy) and he loves him some clothes and some patterns.

A Big Fine Thing


The Southside Aces are a fantastic New Orleans Jazz band, and I worked with them to create the cd packaging for their latest release, “A Big Fine Thing.” Get a sneak peek of the album here and make sure to buy the album when it’s released June 9th!

Trolling Towers


Trolling Towers is a preppy clothing company founded by two Auburn graduates. The genre has seen crocodiles, horses, fish and anchors, and now we have added a deep sea fishing boat to the mix.

Two Steps


Two Steps from Greatness is a show produced by EA Sports that focuses on High School athletes on the cusp of moving on to college sports. I developed the title screen logo for the show, utilizing both EA’s custom made typefaces and vintage inspired athletic scripts. EA wanted to steer away from the glossy sheen and heavy metal looks often used by sports programs and make the identity… Read the rest

Good Better Best

Identity, Website

GoodBetterBest was the idea of a few students at Auburn who wanted an online community where they could go for advice on their designs and see what students were doing in other classes. I built the framework in wordpress and made a front end posting system that allows for easy image uploads and posting without having to go into the dashboard of wordpress. The site pulls rss feeds… Read the rest

Hamilton Rebranding


This was a project where we had to pick a museum, create a new identity for it and design a series of 3 magazine ads. I knew right off the bat that Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum would be my choice.
The chance to scan and use wood type as images in themselves rather than just prints was invigorating (I later used this technique for theRead the rest

The Crystal Goblet


I juxtaposed an article about transparency in journalism with the Crystla Goblet by Beatrice Ward, using transparent overlays to convey the immediate transparency of data the web provides, and to show how too much transparency can get in the way of the message itself.

Auburn University Promotion


The task was to create 3 window shade banners to promote the 3 areas of the College of Architecture Design and Construction. I wanted to emphasize the national presence Auburn has in these fields and communicate to prospective students that Auburn is an excellent launching pad for your career.

The End


We had to select a science term and build a photogram poster from it. I chose Umbra, which I thought was loaded with ominous imagery. I wanted to play off the romantic “The End” title screens on old films in contrast to something as gloomy as the end of times.



Imagery for a CD package had to be created using a scanner. I got the outdoor shots by taking a laptop and an extension cable outside. It was an adventurous process, but the images I got through the method were fantastic. I eventually felt more comfortable using the scanner than I was using a camera.

Eames Century Modern


The assignment was to create a specimen book for a typeface. I selected House Industries Eames Century Modern not only because it is such a lovely and diverse typeface, but because I could pull from images of Charles and Ray’s work to support the text.



Aerogami is an online community website where users can share paper airplane designs, download designs submitted by other users, and see videos on how to construct complicated designs and post flight distances. The letterhead and business card both fold into paper airplanes.

House of Cards


The card shapes are based off the Eames House of Card designs. We were assigned a period in graphic design history and had to design a set of ten cards and a “house” construction that showed them off and reflected the aesthetic of the movement we were given. I was assigned Constructivism, and had a great time researching the designers and artists in the movement.

Grafton Street Map


The map records my interpretations and observations about Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland. I was fascinated by minute details like the wide variety of grates in the streets, and how the levels and direction of traffic changed throughout the day.

Sidekick Supply Company


We had to create a poster to supplement an existing non profit orginization, so I created a spinoff from 826 NYC’s Superhero Supply Company.

Dorfsman AIGA Poster


The goal was to create a poster for a real or imaginary AIGA event, so I created one for a retrospective of my favorite designer.

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